Public Affairs and Sustainability

EDANA and its member companies engage with a very diverse set of stakeholders including: retailers, NGOs, other industry associations and Governments. EDANA pro-actively addresses topics of interest for the industry to ensure that member companies operate in a sound and predictable environment, where they can do business, innovate and compete.

EDANA’s goals in this field are: 

  • to work together with partner organisations
  • to enable the sustained growth of the nonwovens and related industries 
  • to support the expansion of EDANA’s activities into markets, applications and segments of the supply chain for the benefit of all member companies.


EDANA developed a Sustainability Vision 2030, giving clear insight into the priority topics on sustainability for our industry.

EDANA initiates and supports efforts throughout the industry to achieve higher levels of environmental, social and economic sustainability. On a day-to-day basis, EDANA supports its member companies by monitoring policy developments that directly or indirectly impact industry, by raising awareness among member companies, by developing industry positions and guidelines and by conducting lobbying actions and campaigns.

Over the last few years, EDANA has defended the interests of its members on a wide range of topics including regulations on chemicals, product safety, (green) public procurement, waste management, trade policy, consumer testing and environmental claims.

EDANA has several operational groups with expertise in sustainability working on the continuous development and implementation of an ambitious sustainability strategy, reflected in detailed sustainability reporting, regular life cycle assessments on products and materials and raising awareness on emerging sustainability topics through conferences and dedicated workshops.

For any questions please contact
Brian Chestler
Public Affairs Manager
+32 2 740 18 26
Marta Roche
Sustainability & Technical Affairs Manager
+32 2 740 18 81

Examples of projects and activities: 

  • Product Category Rules for the environmental assessment of wipes 
  • Expert Workshops on Recycling, Rules of Origin, EU Policy and Trade 
  • Life Cycle Assessments on spunbond nonwovens for hygiene products, on baby diapers and incontinence products and SAP 
  • Dedicated industry sustainability reporting
  • Environmental claims guidelines