Regulatory affairs

EDANA supports its members by acting as the eyes and ears of the industry and informing companies about regulatory initiatives in the pipeline. 

This involves carrying out regulatory analysis and proactively communicating on product safety with various stakeholders.

Another important aspect is monitoring and acting upon new developments in legislation within:

The monitoring, analysis and discussions allow us to provide input to public consultations and requests from the industry, regulators and other stakeholders.

Maintaining and cultivating contacts with regulators at European, international and national level, as well as creating opportunities for dialogue with other associations and NGOs are essential in delivering the best possible service to EDANA members.

Some organisations with whom EDANA has regular contacts:

  • product-related: Cosmetics Europe, Euratex, MedTech Europe, AISE, regional + national associations and ad-hoc coalitions
  • horizontal: CEFIC, the CheMI Platform, ChemSec 


Member services in the field of regulatory affairs include:

  • Biocides Helpdesk – privileged and early access to information (e.g. through EDANA’s status as an Accredited Stakeholder Organisation to the EU’s Chemical Agency, ECHA)
  • weekly Regulatory newsletter
Luminita Barbu
Regulatory Affairs Director
+32 490 44 09 99
Alexander Heusch
Regulatory Affairs Manager
+32 2 740 18 17