How to join the EDANA Membership  

Become a member today and be part of a strong and vibrant nonwovens community.

Do you want to shape the nonwovens world of tomorrow?

Do you want to be connected with other nonwovens professionals?

Have you checked out the benefits of the EDANA membership? Does it correspond with your company’s aspirations? Then join us by following these three easy steps:

For any questions please contact
Giovanna Merola
Here are three easy steps:
Complete the membership application form
EDANA will contact you with an offer for your membership fee.
Membership fees are calculated on the basis of your annual turnover relating to nonwovens (confidentially disclosed to the EDANA management only). We offer a special introductory incentive.
Once we have received receipt of your first year’s annual fee:
  • you will receive a membership certificate,
  • your company and activities will be listed in the website’s supplier search andinteractive map
  • you will be featured in the EDANA newsletter’s new members spotlight
  • and you can start taking advantage of the numerous other benefits that EDANA membership offers to you.