EDANA welcomes reconfirmation of diaper safety by French authorities
6 July 2020

EDANA, who represent makers of over 80% of the 21 billion diapers placed on the European market annually, welcomes the results of a product survey published July 2nd by the DGGCRF (the French government department covering consumer affairs) reassuring consumers that baby diapers are safe.

DGCCRF’s statement confirmed that “no exceedance of (ANSES’ defined) health thresholds linked to exposure to baby diapers was found” while also confirming that “no allergens nor pesticide residues were found”.

EDANA’s General Manager, Pierre Wiertz says: “The priority of our members has always been to guarantee parents safe products for their children. And these results reconfirm that baby diapers have been safe products for decades, as evidenced by this and numerous other recent studies by national Competent Authorities1 . Baby diapers are produced according to strict rules relating to the selection of raw materials and to manufacturing processes allowing full confidence in their use.”

Diaper manufacturers have long taken a proactive and transparent approach in ensuring these products meet consumer expectations. EDANA recently launched their Stewardship Programme for Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs), which builds on a series of voluntary initiatives to provide transparency and reassurance for consumers regarding trace levels of impurities found in AHPs.

Open to all producers, initial signatories include brand owners Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, Ontex, Johnson & Johnson, Lil-Lets, Paul Hartmann, Abena and Essity alongside key private label manufacturers Corman and Drylock, suppliers to many of Europe’s largest retailers.

Developed in consultation with policymakers, subject experts and reviewed by scientists, the programme introduces a list of trace substances (such as PAHs, PCBs, dioxins, furans, phthalates and formaldehyde) and guidance values that adhering companies will commit to not exceed using harmonised consumer relevant test methods.

Under the programme, participating companies commit to go beyond existing product legislation2 to give consumers maximum confidence in the safe use of these products. Part of an ongoing process, the programme arises from intensive research and dialogue across the industry in the past three years and builds on a long history of efforts by EDANA members to reinforce trust in our members’ products with consumers and other interested stakeholders.



1 Reports include: A July 2020 French Competent Authority (DGCCRF) study on diapers, a 2018 market study on diapers from the Belgian Federal Public Health Service, a 2018 study conducted by the South Korean Food and Drug Safety Ministry and a study in 2017 from Swiss Federal Office for Food Security and Veterinary Affairs, both on diapers.

2 Diapers are regulated in Europe under the General Product Safety Directive and REACH regulations.

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