Wet wipes producers commit to further revise labelling
8 July 2021
Consumer campaigns to raise awareness and promote correct disposal also planned

EDANA and member manufacturers of wet wipes have committed to revise on pack labelling to further raise consumer awareness on types of wipes and optimal disposal methods. This commitment will also see EDANA and pertinent members lead national awareness raising campaigns in the UK and a number of selected EU countries, beginning with the Netherlands in 2022.

Our sector has long been active in trying to address the serious problem caused by marine litter and of the role the industry has a duty to play in helping tackle it. In fact, EDANA has already invested in efforts to reduce wet wipe litter, raise consumer awareness on correct disposal, adopt a Code of Practice for labelling wet wipes and produce wipes that do not impact sewers. Now increased efforts, in conjunction with key stakeholders, and centred on a sound, science-based and collaborative approach can greatly help progress in this direction.

Further detail on the planned revisions and awareness campaigns is available here.

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