EDANA's industry message to the EU Commission

Ensure the continued production of essential health and personal care products in the interest of public health

In these unprecedented times, the Nonwovens and Related Industries are proving to be an essential partner in the fight against the corona virus pandemic.

In consequence, EDANA – as the European nonwovens industry association – has been working closely with the services of the European Commission to find solutions to the continued provision of the essential medical and protective equipment and to any bottleneck in the supply chain.

The availability of disposable hygiene and medical products to the general public, hospitals and care homes, is an essential element in the fight against COVID-19. 

We have sent a letter to the European Commission, requesting its support in working with Member States to ensure that all production facilities where these products are manufactured are kept fully operational in the interest of public health. 


European Commission's answers related to the letter


The European Commission is committed to ensuring smooth operations for critical industries.
To this end, you can find more information about the actions taken by the EU Commission at this link: 



The European Commission has created a strategic rescEU stockpiling – a common European reserve -  of medical equipment such as ventilators, personal protective equipment, reusable masks, vaccines and therapeutics and laboratory supplies. They are currently collating information about providers’ offers, which we will then share with Member and Participating States.