The scientific review panel


The scope of the mandate of the scientific review panel covers the review of the content of the Stewardship Programme Codex, being

  1. The list of chemicals
  2. The limit values for these chemicals
  3. The test methods in order to check for the presence of these chemicals

The scientific review panel may advise on Exposure-Based Risk Assessment (EBRA) parameters.



Any recommendation of the scientific review panel:

  • will be formulated by consensus within the scientific review panel
  • will be directed to the Steering Committee


Composition & principles

In order to assemble a scientific review panel, the following principles will be considered:

  • The Steering Committee shall appoint the members of the scientific review panel by a majority vote. Appointment shall be based on scientific competence, expertise in an area relevant to trace impurities, balance of scientific disciplines with the technical panel, willingness to devote enough time to the work of the scientific review panel and the lack of any disqualifying conflict of interest
  • All members shall have expertise regarding the review of trace impurities, they shall have diverse professional education and experience so that the panel reflects a balanced composition of scientific expertise in order to function as a review panel

  • A panel member may be removed from membership by the Steering Committee for a substantiated reason such as (but not excluded to):
    • More than 50% absenteeism from panel meetings over the course of 2 years
    • A demonstrated conflict of interest by which the independent character is compromised
  • The panel will consist of at least six up to maximum 12 members, each member having an equal vote

  • The panel will meet at least twice a year, once in the first semester, and once in the second semester

  • Within a delay of three months after the pre-formulated questions have been received by the Chair of the scientific review panel, an answer will be formulated by this panel

  • Members of the scientific review panel shall serve as individuals and not as representatives of any group or organisation with which they may be affiliated
For any questions please contact
Luminita Barbu