Signing the Circular Plastics Alliance


In joining the Circular Plastics Alliance EDANA, the association representing the nonwovens and related industries, endorses the vision to deliver on the circular economy for plastics and substantially increase the use of recycled plastics in new products. By 2025 at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics should find their way into products and packaging in Europe each year. 

In 2018, on behalf of the nonwoven producers amongst its membership, representing over 85% of the nonwoven production in the EU, EDANA issued a pledge to significantly increase the use of recycled PET (rPET) in nonwovens.  EDANA now furthers its commitment, offering it expertise and unique supply chain network to the alliance of 190 other private and public stakeholders to boost the EU market for recycled plastics.

This consortium, supported by the European Commission in the context of the European Plastics Strategy, promotes the use of more recycled plastics in Europe through voluntary action. The concrete actions are structured around five deliverables on design, collection & sorting, recycled content, R&D and investments and monitoring.

Pierre Wiertz, EDANA’s general manager states: “As part of our Sustainability Vision we have set the clear ambition to engage with all stakeholders in developing optimal end of life and circular economy solutions. Participating to this Alliance is therefore a logical step to put this ambition into practice.”

signing circular plastics alliance

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