Nonwovens Innovation Awards

Celebrating innovation is a longstanding tradition at EDANA. The distributed awards recognize and promote an achievement realized by a company working in the nonwovens and related industries in the world.

Three reasons why you would consider participating in the Nonwovens Innovation Awards

  • Highlight your innovation and show how this benefits society
  • Reward the efforts made by your company and staff
  • Create a moment of inspiration around innovation and progress in the industry


The INDEXTM Awards recognise innovative, creative and sustainable excellence in nonwovens. They are presented once every three years during the INDEX™ leading nonwovens exhibition .

Winning an INDEXTM Award is the highest accolade that can be given to a company for achievement in the nonwovens and related industries. 

The categories companies can compete in are 

  1. Nonwoven roll goods
  2. Finished products made from, or incorporating nonwovens
  3. Raw materials or components - innovation in a raw material or component (e.g. polymer, fibre, binder, film, tape) of special relevance to the nonwovens and related converted products industry
  4. Innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry
  5. Achievement for the most original marketing campaign for a product made from, or incorporating nonwovens
  6. Sustainable product
  7. Sustainable process or management practice

 For further information on the upcoming INDEX™20 Innovation Award


Winners of the INDEX™17 Awards

  • Nonwoven roll goods:
    Berry Plastics -  Nuvisoft™ This proprietary melt spun technology combines a unique filament profile geometry with a soft bond pattern for enhanced softness. Nuvisoft™ allows for enhanced coverage at lighter weights, lower air permeability, denser winding and facilitates improved printing

  • Finished or composite products made from, or incorporating, nonwovens:
    Glatfelter - Dreamweaver Gold™ 20 microns : A nonwoven separator for ultra-safe lithium ion batteries, Dreamweaver Gold provides outstanding safety and cycle life with low electrical impedance and high porosity in a uniform stable sheet.

  • Raw materials or components (e.g. fibre, binder, polymer, tape) of special relevance to the nonwovens industry and related converted products:
    Magic – Spongel : A super absorbent polymer (SAP) made entirely from renewable resources, Spongel offers the highest level of absorption and retention of liquids available for bio-based materials. Mainly a cellulose-based material, it is suitable for both food packaging and hygiene applications.

  • Innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry:
    GDM - Rear Wing Zero Waste : An upgrade for the baby diaper manufacturing line, the new kit saves on raw material usage and reduces size change time to zero. The all-new design includes linear motion technology for side shifting without replacing the mechanical cam and the possibility to automatically correct the rear wing position.

  • Sustainable product:
    Hassan Group – Self Sufficient Relief Tents The result of a social responsibility project aimed at providing eco-friendly nonwoven tent fabrics to improve living conditions in refugee camps. The fabrics provide comfort through improved heat and sound insulation, increased flame retardancy and enhanced breathability and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Sustainable process or management practice:
    Suominen Corporation - Blind Hiring Recruitment Process: A pioneering recruitment process which increases diversity in the workforce and ensures equal opportunities for applicants of all genders, ethnicities and ages. The initiative offers a proven method to prevent prejudice and nepotism in the recruitment process.


    FILTREX™ Innovation Award

    The FILTREX™ INNOVATION AWARD recognizes the efforts of all manufacturers of nonwoven based filtration products/elements and celebrates their continuous efforts for excellence and innovation in the filtration industry.

    For more information Filtrex Events.

    Winner of the FILTREX™ Innovation Award 2019: 

    Math2Market was rewarded by the industry for their GeoDict software.   

    Using nonwoven microstructures modelled with GeoDict® , a neural network is trained to label binder with artificial 3-D scans, for which the distribution of the binder is known. After the training, the neural network also recognizes the binder in 3-D scans of real nonwovens, which were scanned with μCT or FIB-SEM. The results are high-precision simulations and analyses of the binder distribution in the nonwovens that occur during production. We apply the same method to identify individual fibers in complex microstructures. Once all fibers are identified, detailed insights into the properties of fibers in a material are obtained. For example, the trajectory of a fiber after deposition in a nonwoven, the length of fibers in glass fiber-reinforced plastic, or local deformations of fibers in weaves.

    Filtrex innovation award 2019

    OUTLOOK™ Asia Innovation Award

    The OUTLOOK™ Asia Innovation Award honours a nonwovens or nonwovens-based product, raw material, component or service for the personal care and hygiene sectors, that are designed in or specifically intended for the Asia Pacific markets.For more information OUTLOOK Asia Event.

    OUTLOOK ASIA innovation award 2018

    Winner of the OUTLOOK™Asia Innovation Award 2018: 

    Unicharm was rewarded by the industry for their Moony Preemie product.   

    Moony Preemie, a disposable diaper for babies born with a birthweight of 2500 gr or less. Developed to suit their special care needs by offering: 

    A perfect size and round shaped structure 
    A structure meeting "minimal handling" protocol, supervised by neonatologist 
    A cute design and colour on the diaper to brighten up the parents' feelings 
    Used in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Taiwan and Australia.

    OUTLOOK™ India Innovation Award

    The OUTLOOK™ Innovation India Award honours innovative products and services designed in or specifically intended for the Indian markets. 

    Companies can nominate either a nonwovens or nonwovens-based product, raw material, component or service for the personal care and hygiene sectors, which has been developed, designed, manufactured and/or is on sale in India. Nominations can be from any point along the supply chain. 

    For more information OUTLOOK India Event.

    Winner of the OUTLOOK™India Innovation Award 2019: 

    Saral Design Solutions for their fully automatic machine technology SWACHH that produces affordable, ultrathin sanitary napkins at a decentralised set up. 


    EDANA Lifetime Achievement Awards

    This award shows the association’s clear acknowledgement that its only lifeblood is the voluntary and dedicated work of leading individuals who have made theirs the Mission and Vision of EDANA to support the sustainable development of nonwovens and related industries.

    This award is based on recommendations by peers, it is judged or selected by the EDANA Board, and it is presented during a suitable EDANA Event.


    Criteria to nominate a person

    • Persons that have been working a minimum of 20 years for any of the member companies or institutes, 
    • and whose visible engagement and leadership in any professional area (from R&D to Regulatory & Safety, Marketing and sales , Design and Product development, Corporate leadership...) has been complemented by an outstanding commitment and participation in at least one major activity or function within EDANA for over 5 years

    Arnold Weghmann (2014)

    Previous Director of Freudenberg, he was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award to support the sustainable development of nonwovens and related industries within the framework of EDANA’s Vision and Mission. Since he joined the EDANA Board in 2002, Arnold worked hard to bring some of EDANA’s activities to another level. In 2004, Arnold was one of the founders of the Education Board Working Group, later merged with “Innovation”.

    EDANA Lifetime achievement award - Arnold Weghmann

    Diana Heelis (2015)

    Representing Kimberly Clark, Diana has been a critical voice in representing nonwoven personal care products including baby diapers, feminine hygiene care products, wet wipes and incontinence products.  During her tenure, industry guidelines covering the use and labelling of tampons have been launched and adopted as industry standards.

    Lifetime achievement award - Diana Heelis

    Paul McCormack (2020)

    EDANA Lifetime achievement award - Paul McCormack