Practical information on particular test methods

Regarding test equipment and the related auxiliaries, EDANA advises as follows:

  • A small part of the test methods require customized parts that are only available on demand. Guidance to suppliers for those parts can be found in the below table.
  • For most NWSP test methods, there are multiple commercial companies that offer equipment designed for those tests. These companies can easily be found on the internet.
  • For some equipment, for methods not widely used, you may find helpful information in below page. Please note that EDANA provides that information as a service without endorsing any of the suppliers or guaranteeing availability.   


Blotter paper

All tests that require the use of blotter paper, specify blotter paper with a basis weight of 139 +/- 11 g/m2, a liquid absorption capacity of at least 480% and a first strike-through time of 2s or less. Amongst others Ahlstrom grade 989 blotter paper meets those specifications and can be purchased from:
Contact: Joerg Hamann Telephone: +49 37 347 8317

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Germany GmbH
Niederschlag 1
09471 Bärenstein


Sourcing non-commercial items

NWSP 80.10 Coverstock Wetbackweight of 4000+/20 gZwiebel
NWSP 80.10 Coverstock Wetbackfoam to support the samples under pressureEurofoam KFM GmbHInternet:
NWSP 242.0 Absorption against pressurethe ‘Messzellen’ which are used to test the
NWSP 350.1 SynginaglasswareBehr Labor-Technik


How to get a copy of the Nonwovens Standard Procedures

The Nonwovens Standard Procedures are available - free of charge - to EDANA members on the EDANA member portal. In the Document module, type “actualNWSPs” in the search bar and all methods will appear as well as the Table of Content (that includes hyperlinks to directly pre-view the individual methods). 

Non-members are invited to consult our publication form or contact Marie-Josepha Peeters to purchase the complete compilation or one or more individual methods.

Non-members purchasing the full compilation of NWSPs, at the price of €895, can afterwards also benefit from a yearly online access to the latest NWSPs updates at a cost of 349€ per year.

For any questions please contact
Marie-Josepha Peeters