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EDANA at a glance

EDANA is the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries.

EDANA provides a comprehensive range of services and supplies its members with the information and data necessary for them to enhance the industry goals and performance.

Formed in 1971 originally as the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association, for more than three decades EDANA has grown and evolved, to become today a modern industry association with a European focus and global influence and profile, reflecting the changing dynamics of the nonwovens industry.

Today, unifying the diversified interests of over 250 member companies from 36 countries in a unique vertically integrated structure along the supply chain, EDANA is the single, powerful Voice of Nonwovens, representing, protecting and actively promoting the common interests of nonwovens and their related industries throughout the world, with a particular focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Joint EDANA/INDA Vision

Provide global leadership to create an environment beneficial to sustainable and profitable growth of the nonwovens and engineered fabrics and related industries to best serve our customers.

Joint EDANA/INDA Mission

To be recognised within the global nonwovens and engineered fabrics and related industries as the associations that consistently provide products, services and events of the highest value to members and industry participants worldwide.

Strategic Goals 

EDANA and INDA foster member and industry success through their activities to:

  • Provide thought-leadership and industry competitiveness through the stimulation and innovation and sustainability, recognition of excellence and recording of industry activity.
  • Create positive awareness and trust for the industry and its products by speaking with one voice in active product stewardship, protecting markets that are important to our members.
  • Facilitate industry consensus on issues of common interest and be the industry’s voice in representing the industry’s position.
  • Promote free and fair trade for the benefit of members and consumers through involvements in, and shaping of, the regulatory and market environments with special emphasis on the harmonisation of global standards.
  • Advance member’s commercial interests via face-to-face interaction through industry expositions and events.
  • Enhance member access to new markets through actionable data, international cooperation and outreach


EDANA | Avenue Herrmann Debroux 46-B-1160 Brussels, Belgium | Tel: +32 2 734 93 10