Due Diligence for the Supply Chain - What to expect

Companies in the nonwovens industry are increasingly expected to exercise due diligence in order to identify and address sustainability risks in their supply chains. In addition to reporting (CSRD) and due diligence laws (CS3D), clients and investors are paying more and more attention to the sustainability performance of suppliers and investees.

This course will equip you with practical knowledge and tools to respond to these emerging requirements.

About the course:

  • 3-hour online module (14.00 - 17.00 CET) including practical exercises.
  • In-depth look at three key components of sustainability due diligence: identifying supply chain risks, risk management, and integrating due diligence into corporate governance.
  • Specific attention will be paid to realities in the nonwovens industry.
  • Includes presentation of best practices.


Due Diligence for the Supply Chain - Practical info & Registration

Online Training    


21 May 2024   

€400 excl. VAT - EDANA Member  

€500 excl. VAT - Non-Member  


Due Diligence for the Supply Chain - Trainer

Boris Verbrugge (2)

Dr. Boris Verbrugge

  • Combines academic rigour with hands-on practical experience supporting companies in different sectors.
  • In-depth understanding of emerging sustainability legislation, responsible business conduct, business and human rights, and various systems for managing sustainability risks (e.g. sustainability certification, voluntary standards, digital supply chain solutions, industry initiatives).
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Anaëlle Schütz