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A high-level conference & exhibition supporting market growth across the Indian Subcontinent for the nonwovens hygiene, personal care and wipes industry

OUTLOOK™ India is aimed at businesses looking to learn more about market growth and trends, technology, product development, innovation and sustainability in this region.

A tabletop exhibition is also organised allowing professionals to grow their network and offering participants the opportunity to learn about the newest products and services. 

This conference is organised back-to-back with Incontrol, which will take place on 20 January 2023. Incontrol is a conference focusing on infection prevention and new perspectives in this fiels. More info here.


The OUTLOOK™ India Innovation Award 

OUTLOOK India Innovation Award logo

The OUTLOOK™ India Innovation Award competition is organised within the framework of OUTLOOK™ India conference. A reward which honors innovative products and services made in or for the Indian market. It is part of our broader effort to support and celebrate innovation within the nonwoven and related industry.

Companies can nominate either a nonwoven or nonwoven-based product, raw material, component or service for the personal care and hygiene sectors, which has been developed, designed, manufactured and/or is on sale in the India.

During the conference, shortlisted companies will be given time to present their innovation to delegates. The winning company will be selected by the audience.


“The enthusiasm and the eagerness of the whole supply chain to capitalise on the huge potential market opportunities for absorbent hygiene products in the whole sub-continent gives both organisations even more responsibility in supporting this, so that it remains a sustainable and rewarding growth.”
Pierre Wiertz, General Manager, EDANA

“At a time when a majority of Indian consumers are at the brink of being introduced to theabsorbent hygiene products, it is interesting to hear about the latest that the world has to offer. India may become a trend setter as market penetration of disposable hygiene products increases."
Ritika Gupta, Executive Director, BCH 

Co-organised by

BCH and EDANA logos India conference

BCH endeavors to empower the nonwoven industry by creating a bridge that links companies, entrepreneurs, students and other stakeholders of the industry, from all across the globe.
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Previous edition

Success of the first edition of OUTLOOK™ India 2019 reflects the dynamic growth of the nonwovens hygiene business in India and its awareness of sustainable development requirements

More than 320 delegates from over 152 companies learnt and shared insights on the exciting market potential of India, whilst taking this unique opportunity for networking and doing business. One of the red threads of a majority of presentations was the absolute necessity for the whole industry to address the key concerns of the times, sustainability and circularity.  The table-top exhibition provided 30 companies with the opportunity to showcase their products and services to a captive audience. Read more


OUTLOOK™ India 2019 Innovation Award

OUTLOOK India 2019 Innovation Award logo

The 2019 OUTLOOK™ India Innovation Award, which recognised innovative products and services made in or for the India market, was attributed by delegates’ votes to Saral Design Solutions for SWACHH, their fully automatic machine technology SWACHH that produces affordable, ultrathin sanitary napkins at a decentralised set up.

Kartik Mehta, co-founder and CTO of Saral Design solutions who was honoured by the recognition said “BCH and EDANA have done a tremendous job in conducting Outlook India 2019 and bringing together all players in the hygiene industry for networking and knowledge sharing.  We are very humbled to be receiving the Outlook India innovation Award 2019. It has provided a platform for start-ups like ours to present our innovations to all stake holders of the hygiene industry globally."

The 2019 nominees were:

  • Fibril Texn : DAC, Dynamic Absorbent Core
  • H.B Fuller : Full-Care™ 6210
  • Saral Design Solutions : SWACHH, Sanitary Napkin Machine


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