Wipes and COVID-19

Which wipes to use and how to use them

Wipes are easy to use and an effective means for cleaning hands and various hard surfaces. Through their convenience they facilitate high standards of hygiene..

Disinfecting wipes are a special category of wipes, designed to effectively kill germs improving safety in challenging environments.

To know if you are using the right wipes look at the packaging. True antibacterial wipes have a clear and substantiated claim on the pack.

For disinfecting wipes to be effective, proceed as follows:

  • Take the contact time into account, the time the liquid in the wipe is in contact with the germs needs to be sufficiently long.
  • Accuracy during the cleaning action is important: missing certain areas on the surface (or the skin) will lead to remaining germs to quickly multiply again.
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Wipes in the bin coronavirus

How to dispose of used wipes 

The majority of wipes, and disinfectant wipes in particular, are not meant to be flushed. To help inform consumers about which wipes should not be flushed, EDANA have developed a “Do Not Flush” symbol for companies to use on packaging.

Be sure to look for it and read and follow all disposal instructions.  By doing so, you help prevent costly clogs in your home and in the wastewater system, and by disposing wipes properly, you also help our environment.  If the packaging is not clear and you are in doubt you can do the test or simply dispose it in a bin.

 In the current situation, we also recommend you throw away the wipes away in bins with a lid.