Nonwoven-based products contributing in the race against the COVID-19 pandemic

Nonwovens are present in a wide range of everyday products. 

The current global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus has highlighted the importance of face masks, disinfecting wipes and personal protective clothing, as well as the need to keep the supply chain going to ensure the production and supply of those products.

In this context it is interesting to look at the wider picture including other nonwovens-based products that also contribute in the battle against this pandemic:

  • Components for rapid test kits
    Many diagnostics companies worldwide are working on the development of test kits for easy and rapid detection of the Coronavirus. These kits include fibre-based components which can detect the virus in blood.

  • Cards for collection of biosamples 
    These cards are used for screening of infectious diseases on a large scale. They can be an alternative to the more traditional liquid sampling: blood or saliva samples collected directly onto the card, can be stored and transported at ambient temperature prior to analysis 

  • Filters for ventilators
    As the most severe cases affected by COVID-19 require artificial ventilation, there is a strong demand for the filter media that are used in order to secure the safety of ventilators and the quality of air provided to patients.

  • Laboratory filters 
    Healthcare structures, hospitals and laboratories are now facing new challenges for analysis, sample preparation and laboratory works especially research geared towards treatment of and vaccination against COVID-19. Laboratory filters are used to remove particulates from samples in laboratory-scale applications.

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