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FILTREX Award goes to Math2Market

Winner of the FILTREX™ Innovation Award announced

Sector has officially recognized innovation in the filtration industry. Congratulations to Math2Market!

The FILTREX™ Innovation Award, the only award recognizing innovation in the filtration industry, was won by Math2Market for their GeoDict software.

The FILTREX™ Innovation Award recognizes the efforts of all manufacturers of nonwoven based filtration products/elements and celebrate their continuous efforts for excellence and innovation. Votes were submitted confidentially by industry professionals attending FILTREX™ Europe, the nonwovens filter media conference and tabletop exhibition, being held in Berlin on 14-15 May 2019.

After Each nominee presented a 10-minute showcase of their innovation, Math2Market was announced as the winners with more than 50% of the vote. This recognition of the industry is represented by a trophy featuring an artist’s view of a filter media performance.

Math2Market GmbH was honoured for their innovative and easy-to-use FiberFind-AI module of Geodict software. GeoDict is claimed to be the most complete solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, material modelling, simulation and optimization. The FiberFind-AI module uses modelled nonwoven microstructures to train neural networks to label binders and fibers with artificial 3-D scans. After training, the neural network also recognizes the binders and fibers in 3-D scans of real nonwovens. Precise information such as individual fiber length, diameter, orientation, etc. can be computed as the output. The approach extends to various other types of structures, e.g. granular materials, foams and woven media.

Dr. – Ing Mehdi Azimian (pictured above together with Pierre Wiertz) stated “On behalf of Math2Market, it is a great honour to win the FILTREX™ Innovation Award 2019 in Berlin. This will motivate us to bring more and more innovative and practical features into our scientific software GeoDict. Many thanks to EDANA team for their great and professional organization of the FILTREX™ conference. A great place to learn and network”

“We are delighted to see the growing interest in the FILTREX™ Award, and the fact that nominees cover not only nonwoven filter media but also other steps in the supply chain is a great achievement in line with our vision for this contest”, concluded Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA.

Award nominees, in alphabetic order, were as follows:

Extia® 1000 by Ahlstrom-Munksjö
Extia® is a 100% synthetic, highly durable, pulse cleanable filter media, designed to last longer in all operating conditions. Extia® can extend filtration lifetime, whilst effectively removing coarse particulates at a lower level of pressure drop.

micronAir® Gas Shield by Freudenberg
The newest innovation from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ to reliably protect passengers against harmful gases and unpleasant odors, micronAir® Gas Shield is a premium activated carbon selection for automotive cabin air filters.

FiberFind-AI module of Geodict software by Math2Market
The innovative and easy-to-use material simulator GeoDict® is the most complete solution for multi-scale 3D image processing and material modelling.

Welstrat by Welspun
Designed for industrial filtration, Welstrat is a singed and calendared specialty needlefelt, suitable for mid temperature ranges from 140° to 180°C. Welstrat offers excellent acid, alkali and hydrolysis resistance. High air permeability and lower mean pore size results in better efficiency and less energy consumption.

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