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FILTREX 2012 - Cologne (Member)

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  • Conference Paper
The leading European nonwovens filter media conference and exhibition.  Contains 20 papers presented in Cologne (Germany) covering Nanofibres, Transportation Filtration, Air Filtration, Liquid Filtration, Measurement & Characterization, and New Fibre, New Media or Treatments.
12/11/2012 11:00:00 PM
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The 20 papers contained in this USB were presented during the FILTREX 2012 Conference, organised by EDANA in Cologne (Germany) covering Nanofibres, Transportation Filtration, Air Filtration, Liquid Filtration, Measurement & Characterization, and New Fibre, New Media or Treatments.


Table of Contents

Session 1 - Nanofibres
Kent Hofacre, Battelle Memorial Institute (United States)
A review of Research on Nanoparticle Filtration
Behnam Pourdeyhimi, The Nonwovens Institute (United States)
Improving Electret Filter Efficiency
Ales Gardian, Elmarco (Czech Republic)
Throughput of Different Electrospun Polymers as a Cost Driver in the Final Product Cost Models
Bengt Hagström, Swerea IVF (Sweden)
Industrial Scale Production of Nanofibres from Polymer Solutions
Session 2 – Transportation Filtration
Ulrich Stahl, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (Germany)
New Trends in Characterization of Engine Intake Air Filters
Alexander Piry, Mann+Hummel (Germany)
Innovative Biofunctional Filter Media From Concept to Product: Challenges for Media Development and Antimicrobial Testing Procedure
Santosh Chavan, Ahlstrom (France)
Bringing the Power of Chemistry into Fibres to Approach Future - Challenges in Air Filtration
Session 3 – Air Filtration
Jörg Meier, Johns Manville (Germany)
Spunbond Filter Media in Air Filtration
Myriam Tryjefaczka, Camfil Farr (Sweden)
Air Filters and Air Conditioning Inspections: Quick Wins for a Healthy and Energy Efficient Indoor Environment
Jeanette Huber, Zukunftsinstitut (Germany)
Next Generation Innovation Creating Value by Creating Benefits for People
Session 4 – Liquid Filtration
Ulrike Rübsam, Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH (Germany)
Melt Electrospun Nonwovens for Waste Water Management
Jack Manns, Hollingsworth & Vose (United States)
A Suitable Replacement for Membranes in Liquid Filtration
Corinne Greyling, Technology Station in Clothing and Technology Cape
Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa)
Development of Smart Multi-Functional Nonwoven Filters and Nanophotocatalysts for Industrial Water Treatment
Session 5 – Measurement & Characterization
Steffan Trnetschek, Fiatec (Germany)
Conclusions of a Project how to Interpret Standardized Lab Test Versus Olfactory Tests for the Characterization of the Filter Performance for the Reduction of Odours and Gaseous Substances
Sven Schütz, Palas (Germany)
Test Rig MFP Nano plus for the Determination of the Separation Efficiency of Filter Media According to EN 1822-3
Christophe Peuchot, IFTS (France)
An Overview of Standardization in Progress to Evaluate Liquid Filters and Membranes Ability for Use
Session 6 – New Fibre, New Media or Treatments
Andreas Demmel, Neenah Gessner (Germany)
Pulse Jet Filtration - A New Generation of Filter Media
Andrew Slater, Lenzing Fibers (United Kingdom)
High Performance Filter Media Comprising Micro-fibrillar Refined Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres
Ulrich Hornfeck, Sandler (Germany)
Pleatable Filter Media - New Synthetic Nonwovens for HVAC and Automotive Applications
Presentation available upon request to
Nick Rimmer, P2i (United States)
Liquid Repellent Functional Nano - Coatings for Improved Filtration Performance

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